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The Airlab is an Audio Mastering Studio Specialist.
We provide both attended & online mastering.

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The Airlab Mastering studio

About our Mastering Studio.

The Airlab is a professional audio mastering studio and delivers the highest standards throughout its Mastering Services.
We specialise in audio mastering, which means we are able to give your music a fresh presentation that cannot be achieved in a traditional studio environment.
The studio is fully equipped with specially selected world class analogue and digital audio mastering equipment.

The Airlab is currently operating from one of the finest mastering studio in the world, The Pierce Rooms, based at The Apollo complex in Hammersmith London, England, where hundreds of classic albums and singles have been mastered by legendary Bunt Stafford Clark.

You may attend the sessions or use our comprehensive service, like hundreds of artists and record labels around the world.

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    The Creatures
  • Amon Tobin, Ninja Tune Mastering
    Amon Tobin
  • Wagon Christ Mastering
    Wagon Christ
  • Diplo, big Dada Mastering
  • Studio One Mastering
    Studio One
  • Skalpel Mastering

The Airlab is in MusicTech.

In this issue MusicTech magazine speak with Jerome Schmitt - main engineer at the AirLab mastering studio - and discover a fascinating and detailed mastering methodology. Out now!

The Airlab interview
Jerome Schmitt interview

  • Dan Davies - Doppelgänger

    I just wanted to message you to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the masters that you did on our latest E.P.
    It sounds awesome!!!!!
    My guitars sound just beautiful.
    Really appreciate all your patience and the work you put into it.
    We as a band could not be more happy with it.
    Im so glad we found you, expect more work your way.

  • Sarjeant Cliff - Mortal

    Thank you so much for the work on the Mortal album.
    We love it more than love itself.
    A great job, thank you.

  • Leon Pearce

    If you could just pass onto Jerome our highest praise for the master.
    it sounds amazing!!
    Thanks for all your help as well.

  • Ashley Kampta - Elson

    Jerome is a permanent contact now.
    We have to congratulate him on a sterling job.
    I don't know how he's done it, I really don't.

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