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The Airlab Online Mastering Studioemail or call: +44(0)7 816 536 563

1 track: £75 | 10 tracks: £600

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The Equipment

In order to give warmth and richness to your mixes without changing their detailed artistic vision, we use a very high end selection of dedicated mastering equipment.

From Prism Sound, Maselec, Avalon, Dangerous Music, Gyratec, Weiss and TC Electronic system 6000, for a no compromise sound enhancement... to the classic Sontec EQ, Manley, Thermionic Culture and Cranesong for even more unique sonic bliss.

Our monitoring system is also of the highest quality and leaves no room for error. We use the very high end full range MB1 monitors from PMC powered with 2 Bryston 4B-SST amplifiers.

Mastering Engineer

The most important element in the sound mastering process is the mastering engineer. He must be able to bring a fresh and objective view to the music using his experience and acute hearing. This must be done in a well calibrated and accurate listening environment.

Jerome Schmitt has been a mastering engineer for the last 20 years with an active background in music production and sound engineering spanning over 25 years. Working with a very broad range of music, his experience can give your tracks the final touch that will make the difference. Whether you need it loud and bouncy or dynamic and punchy, you can be sure of the best of today's finest mastering engineering.

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    • Dan Davies - Doppelgänger

      I just wanted to message you to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the masters that you did on our latest E.P.
      It sounds awesome!!!!!
      My guitars sound just beautiful.
      Really appreciate all your patience and the work you put into it.
      We as a band could not be more happy with it.
      Im so glad we found you, expect more work your way.

    • Sarjeant Cliff - Mortal

      Thank you so much for the work on the Mortal album.
      We love it more than love itself.
      A great job, thank you.

    • Leon Pearce

      If you could just pass onto Jerome our highest praise for the master.
      it sounds amazing!!
      Thanks for all your help as well.

    • Ashley Kampta - Elson

      Jerome is a permanent contact now.
      We have to congratulate him on a sterling job.
      I don't know how he's done it, I really don't.

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