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Album Mastering | 10 tracks: £450

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The Airlab is an Online Mixing and Mastering Studio Specialist.
All our mastering is crafted by a real Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Using high end Analog Equipment.

The Airlab Mastering studio

Make your
stand out.

Mastering 10 tracks: £450

Remote Mixing Now Available

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About our Mixing and Mastering Studio.

The Airlab is a premium audio mixing and mastering studio and delivers the highest standards throughout its Mastering Services.

We pride ourselves to give the highest sound quality that your music requires, with deeper bass and better clarity as well as a 3D feel. This is due to using very high end Analog mastering equipment in a superior listening environment and to the 20 years of experienced of our Mastering Engineer.

The Airlab will give you a far superior quality than any Online Instant AI Services.

You may use our , like hundreds of artists and record labels around the world.

Online Mixing service is also available upon request. You can access the mixing studio and attend sessions remotely.

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All tracks mastered by Jerome Schmitt

The Airlab is in MusicTech.

In this issue MusicTech magazine speak with Jerome Schmitt - main engineer at the Airlab mastering studio - and discover a fascinating and detailed mastering methodology. Read now

The Airlab interview
Jerome Schmitt interview

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  • Mobile: +44-7816-536-563

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday. 9am to 7pm

    • Dan Davies - Doppelgänger

      I just wanted to message you to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the masters that you did on our latest E.P.
      It sounds awesome!!!!!
      My guitars sound just beautiful.
      Really appreciate all your patience and the work you put into it.
      We as a band could not be more happy with it.
      Im so glad we found you, expect more work your way.

    • Sarjeant Cliff - Mortal

      Thank you so much for the work on the Mortal album.
      We love it more than love itself.
      A great job, thank you.

    • Leon Pearce

      If you could just pass onto Jerome our highest praise for the master.
      it sounds amazing!!
      Thanks for all your help as well.

    • Ashley Kampta - Elson

      Jerome is a permanent contact now.
      We have to congratulate him on a sterling job.
      I don't know how he's done it, I really don't.

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