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Mastering 10 tracks: £450

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To commercially release your music to CD you need to create a master that follows the 'Red Book' CD standard. We can create that master for you.

As well as dramatically improving the sound quality of your music and getting the level between the tracks to match perfectly, we will sequence your tracks in the right order and edit them to create a smooth and enjoyable musical experience.

The master created can be delivered to you as a physical CD-DA master or as a DDP image file set.
Either way your master will comply to the Red Book standard and be ready to use for duplication or replication.

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How can I upload (submit) my CD to be included in the CDDB Gracenote for iTunes and Winamp recognition service?

First you need the CD (we recommend using the final pressing) that you place into your CD ROM drive. Then you need software, such as iTunes or QMP and your computer needs an internet connection.

Then you simply type in all these core details:
Artist name
Album name
Track title
Year of release
Label name (iTunes doesn't supply this field)

Then you hit the submit (OK) button. Your submit takes two or three days to process before it's available in our recognition service. Now you can search our knowledgebase for the most popular freeware submit (upload) software applications, iTunes and QMP.

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    • Dan Davies - Doppelgänger

      I just wanted to message you to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the masters that you did on our latest E.P.
      It sounds awesome!!!!!
      My guitars sound just beautiful.
      Really appreciate all your patience and the work you put into it.
      We as a band could not be more happy with it.
      Im so glad we found you, expect more work your way.

    • Sarjeant Cliff - Mortal

      Thank you so much for the work on the Mortal album.
      We love it more than love itself.
      A great job, thank you.

    • Leon Pearce

      If you could just pass onto Jerome our highest praise for the master.
      it sounds amazing!!
      Thanks for all your help as well.

    • Ashley Kampta - Elson

      Jerome is a permanent contact now.
      We have to congratulate him on a sterling job.
      I don't know how he's done it, I really don't.

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